Jan 25, 2010

More from "Brooklyn Blonde"

This is Sabrina and Justina. Meeting up with Sabrina was like getting initiated into a secret club. I went through tons of emailing and texting back and forth, answered many questions over the course of about a week, and I had never even met her. When I arrived I figured out why. I was immediately blown away by her strength first, then her obvious beauty..... and she brought her sister.

I spent the most time with them, and they gave me 100% of their energy. I walked through the neighborhood with she and her sister and saw how people reacted to them and how they responded. They bring so much grace, style, beauty and confidence demanding your respect.

At the end of the day it was really important for Sabrina to know that she would not be portrayed as "a dumb blonde." In my mind I was thinking that would be IMPOSSIBLE.

More to come.... thank you Claude and Mikaela see full story online at TRACE

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