Jul 17, 2010

Andrew Dosunmu - Restless City

Wings, a new in flight magazine just interviewed Andrew for his upcoming film "Restless City."
This rates pretty high on my list of great opportunities.....    Aside from being a great friend, Andrew is a very talented photographer and Director.  Being on set for me was more than shooting behind the scene, it was inspiring to see him fulfill his dream.  Restless City is a love story shot in NYC amongst a community of beautiful African Immigrants.  My job was great...

I was surrounded by a super talented crew, there you see (squatting) Bradford Young the Director of Photography, with the leading lady Sky Nicole Grey.

"For me, it is very Important that photography and film-making can be used in the reverse - to decolonize images of Africa because almost everything that is known about us is known through  photography."  Andrew Dosunmu - Wing Magazine 2010

Leading Man, Alassane Sy (center)

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ger said...

this is awesome film. i hope to see it soon because i like my role. congrats. andrew.