Feb 19, 2010

Brooklyn Blonde pt. 3

Meet Millie... I really enjoyed shooting her, because she was really happy to have her photo taken. I was in awe of how perfectly she applied her lipstick and was very happy with this shot of her, she has such a warm spirit. We were so busy talking I forgot to ask her why she was blonde.

This is Cherry, I saw her walking down the street and I ran to get her number. (so embarrassing) When she came to the house to shoot she was wearing so much make up she looked like a completely different person, and it threw me off. Not in a bad way, just not the fresh face that I remembered. She didn't finish her answer to why she's blonde..... "I've always been blonde..."

Shumaya came to a baby shower next door. She's not blonde, but she was giving me something really special with her hair color and her regal strength and beauty.

Erica..... she was a trooper, she let me make an attempt to dye her hair blonde, it didn't work but it made for a fun day!!

SEE FULL STORY HERE in TRACE Thank you Claude and Mikaela

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