Jul 26, 2009

Crowning Glory

This is from that same day in Prospect Park. There were many things going on that day... I was watching the family in front of us play old school family reunion type games, egg toss, relay race, limbo ect. I couldn't help notice that most of the ladies had their hair DONE UP nice!!! I kept staring and snapping from afar, I did say to Leah, "I would love to get portraits of their hair, it's major." and so it is, ask and it shall be done... All hair by Nicole @ "Touch by Nicole"


Danielle said...

These are beautiful. I especially love the first photo, how her hair matches the curves of the earrings. Thanks for sharing.

kym? said...

My, my people Long live the Pyramids of hair DO's

Tafari said...

Good Hair!