May 26, 2009


Relentless is the directorial debut for Andy Okoroafor, the Editor in Chief of Clam Magazine and Founder of Clam Films where "Creativity Never Stops."

RELENTLESS from Fortproject on Vimeo.

"Relentless, is a celebration of Africa, the music, the sensuality, the joy, the jokes and the laughter, the energy, the sheltering sky and the hope that the good men will prevail. It is also a film about Lagos, the biggest African city and how ordinary people navigate this challenging untamed urban jungle. From the security guard to the prostitute, from the big time politician hoping to pull the strings of power, to the okada driver hoping to make it big.

Finally, it is an acknowledgement of the possibilities that lie in the modern African experience; it is to shine the world's light on us, if not for our ingenuity, at least the acknowledgement of our will to survive. I am hoping to tell that African story through film, like Fela did with his Afro beat music and Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka did through literature and touched the world." - Andy Okoroafor -

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