Apr 23, 2009

manhattan bridge

From manhattan bridge

From manhattan bridge

OK... I don't profess to be a "New Yorker"!
I take pride in my Ohio/Cali roots.. that said, I had no idea you could walk across the Manhattan Bridge some 12 years plus living here!! I have always gawked out of the windows.. and now I was able to stop and stare! I wonder who lives here? so cute! The bridge was so empty, it's quite serene and beautiful.


Tafari said...

LOL!!! I walaked across the Manhattan Bridge last year & loved it. That same day, I walked across the Brooklyn bridge as well. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the night!

Once you get close to the China Town side, there is some awesome graffiti.


JB said...

LOL! I tried to walk on the Chinatown side and got cursed out by the bikers barreling around that corner...