Mar 13, 2009

Out and about...

I really do miss working in the city because everyday I walked to pick up my daughter from school through Soho to 14th St, camera in tow. I always chose a different path, zig zagging in and out, there was always something or someone of interest.... I love it!!

From soho/bedstuy

She was just so tall and beautifully adorned, I was happy I was able to steal that shot!

From soho/bedstuy

He really scared me... I thought he was cute but after I shot a few frames of him he just glared at me so I thought I should make a move before he yanked the camera or beat me with his cane. He was in the exact same spot the next day.

From soho/bedstuy

This is another stalker moment... I was looking out of the window and he was chillin'/sleeping hard... It reminded me of a time when I used to party during the week, being so hungover at work just waiting to go home to crash....

From soho/bedstuy

This is at the corner on my block. We call her "Minnie" aka "Skinny Minnie", she's my other muse... She has an amazing face which you can't see right now. More on her later.

Are you a stalker? Or an Observer? What's the difference?


copperlace said...

You are on a roll! Fantastico

neycha said...

girl, these photos are so striking! omigod! you keep it moving ma! lovely, so lovely. they are so freakin' intimate...even your voyeur moment. geesh, louise!


JB said...

Thanks Neycha!!! I have many of those voyeuristic moments... It's kinda scary! hahahaha. xo